Love Speaks Documentary Film Series, Episodes 1-7

Love Speaks Documentary Film Series, Episodes 1-7

The LOVE SPEAKS Documentary Film Series is a unique historical, educational and impartational journey for a modern generation. It's a walk through Salvation-History to discover God's Multi-Faceted Voice.

Based on the book by the same name, "Love Speaks: 21 Ways to Recognize God's Multi-Faceted Voice," each Episode in the Series focuses on one of the 21 possible "Ways" that the Father, Son and Holy Spirit speak, and shares stories of how God has faithfully spoken to every generation.

If you are yearning to grow in your relationship with the LORD and recognize His voice more clearly and consistently, you will be blessed.

Series Overview
Episode 1, Way #1: The Established Word
Episode 2, Way #2: The Living Word
Episode 3, Way #3: The Inner Witness
Episode 4, Way #4: The Inner Voice
Episode 5, Way #5: The Inner Desires
Episode 6, Way #6: Nature & Creation
Episode 7, Way #7: Providence

Love Speaks Documentary Film Series, Episodes 1-7
  • To the Ends of the Earth // Love Speaks Episode 1 Director's Cut

    The intriguing "Pilot" Episode chronicles 1500 years of Salvation-History, opening on the spectacular island of Skellig Michael off the coast of Ireland. This location is the best preserved Celtic Christian monastery in the world, and also the film set of the current Star Wars films with the mys...

  • It's ALIVE! // Love Speaks Episode 2 Director's Cut

    Episode 2 combines passionate exhortations, interviews, and historical references to share the vitality of learning to hear, "a word from the Word."

    The Bible is ALIVE through the ministry of Jesus and the Holy Spirit. Carl opens in London, then visits Scotland & shares the tales of the Co...

  • Follow the Witness // Love Speaks Episode 3 Director's Cut

    In this first of 3 films that highlight the Holy Spirit, Carl looks at the Inner Guidance of the Holy Spirit, and how the Spirit works in confirmation by giving us a "sense" within of a green light, yellow light, or red light in our daily decisions of following His ways.

    This Episode is an exc...

  • The Still, Small Voice // Love Speaks Episode 4 Director's Cut

    One of the most common ways that "LOVE SPEAKS" is through an inner "dialogue" in one's mind where by inspiration of the Holy Spirit, you can learn to recognize when God is answering you and carrying on a full conversation with us in following His plans.

    In this exciting Episode, Carl visits Wa...

  • The River of God's Will // Love Speaks Episode 5 Director's Cut

    How can you discover what the will of God is for your life? Most people believe you have to follow God's will like a straight line. But what if finding His will is more like....a river?

    This film explores some interesting answers to this question for believers in Jesus. Perhaps the answer is t...

  • The Ocean of God's Love // Love Speaks Episode 6 Director's Cut

    Can the Father speak daily through His Creation to you? Yes He can!
    This film transitions us from the ways of Jesus & the Holy Spirit to begin to see the Father Himself, and how He chooses to communicate with us.

    A key amazing element of the Director's Cut of this Episode is the interview ...

  • Two Hearts, Strangely Warmed // Love Speaks Episode 7 Director's Cut

    With emphasis once again on the Father's outward & sometimes mysterious ways of leading, Carl looks at the subject of Providence: the idea that your Heavenly Father has already gone ahead of you, down your path, and He is organizing and creating wonderful circumstances for you to walk into.

  • Behind the Scenes Featurette 1

    Carl shares the real Irish weather that was happening during the filming of Love Speaks. Hilarious!

  • Behind the Scenes Featurette 2

    This is an incredible true story of how the Father confirmed the filming of the story of John Wesley and the subject of Providence in a "Providential" moment!