Love Speaks Documentary Film Series, Episodes 1-14

Love Speaks Documentary Film Series, Episodes 1-14

The LOVE SPEAKS Documentary Film Series (14 Episodes in total, 7 more coming in 2024) is a unique historical, educational and impartational journey for a modern generation. It's a walk through Salvation-History to discover God's Multi-Faceted Voice. You will be inspired and receive new vision and calling for your life as you watch!

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Based on the book by the same name, "Love Speaks: 21 Ways to Recognize God's Multi-Faceted Voice" and following a Chapter in the book, each Episode in the Series focuses on one of the "Ways" that the Father, Son and Holy Spirit speak, and shares stories of how God has faithfully spoken to every generation.

If you are yearning to grow in your relationship with the LORD and recognize His voice more clearly and consistently, you will be blessed.

Exclusive Bonus Features are included...never-before-seen on Broadcast!

Series Overview
Season 1:
Episode 1, Way #1: The Established Word
Episode 2, Way #2: The Living Word
Episode 3, Way #3: The Inner Witness
Episode 4, Way #4: The Inner Voice
Episode 5, Way #5: The Inner Desires
Episode 6, Way #6: Nature & Creation
Episode 7, Way #7: Providence

Season 2:
Episode 8, Way #8: The Preaching of His Word
Episode 9, Way #9: Other Believers Speaking Confirmation
Episode 10, Way #10: Visions in Prayer
Episode 11, Way #11: Dreams
Episode 12, Way #12: Symbolic Speech
Episode 13, Way #13: Divine Appointments from the Father
Episode 14, Way #14: All Forms of Media

SEASON 3 (the final 7 Episodes) Coming soon!
Episode 15, Way #15: Prophecy
Episode 16, Way #16: Word of Wisdom
Episode 17, Way #17: Word of Knowledge
Episode 18, Way #18: Discerning of Spirits/Discernment
Episode 19, Way #19: Angels
Episode 20, Way #20: Jesus Himself Appearing (by visions or dreams)
Episode 21, Way #21: The Audible Voice of the Father

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Love Speaks Documentary Film Series, Episodes 1-14
  • Episode 1 // To the Ends of the Earth

    The intriguing "Pilot" Episode chronicles 1500 years of Salvation-History, opening on the spectacular island of Skellig Michael off the coast of Ireland. This location is the best preserved Celtic Christian monastery in the world, and also the film set of the current Star Wars films with the mys...

  • Episode 2 // It's ALIVE!

    Episode 2 combines passionate exhortations, interviews, and historical references to share the vitality of learning to hear, "a word from the Word."

    The Bible is ALIVE through the ministry of Jesus and the Holy Spirit. Carl opens in London, then visits Scotland & shares the tales of the Co...

  • Episode 3 // Follow the Witness

    In this first of 3 films that highlight the Holy Spirit, Carl looks at the Inner Guidance of the Holy Spirit, and how the Spirit works in confirmation by giving us a "sense" within of a green light, yellow light, or red light in our daily decisions of following His ways.

    This Episode is an exc...

  • Episode 4 // The Still, Small Voice

    One of the most common ways that "LOVE SPEAKS" is through an inner "dialogue" in one's mind where by inspiration of the Holy Spirit, you can learn to recognize when God is answering you and carrying on a full conversation with us in following His plans.

    In this exciting Episode, Carl visits Wa...

  • Episode 5 // The River of God's Will

    How can you discover what the will of God is for your life? Most people believe you have to follow God's will like a straight line. But what if finding His will is more like....a river?

    This film explores some interesting answers to this question for believers in Jesus. Perhaps the answer is t...

  • Episode 6 // The Ocean of God's Love

    Can the Father speak daily through His Creation to you? Yes He can!
    This film transitions us from the ways of Jesus & the Holy Spirit to begin to see the Father Himself, and how He chooses to communicate with us.

    A key amazing element of the Director's Cut of this Episode is the interview ...

  • Episode 7 // Two Hearts, Strangely Warmed

    With emphasis once again on the Father's outward & sometimes mysterious ways of leading, Carl looks at the subject of Providence: the idea that your Heavenly Father has already gone ahead of you, down your path, and He is organizing and creating wonderful circumstances for you to walk into.

  • Behind the Scenes Featurette 1

    Carl shares the real Irish weather that was happening during the filming of Love Speaks. Hilarious!

  • Behind the Scenes Featurette 2

    This is an incredible true story of how the Father confirmed the filming of the story of John Wesley and the subject of Providence in a "Providential" moment!

  • Episode 8 // The Fire & the Hammer

    This includes the story of the First Great Awakening in New England in the 1700's, and brings us the stories of Jonathan & Sarah Edwards, and English evangelist George Whitefield. The preaching of the word quite literally startled the Nation and brought revival on a National scale.

    You will...

  • Episode 9 // Christ in Mouth of Friend or Stranger

    You can hear the voice of God every time you read a biography or hear a testimony! This Episode recounts the story of Count Zinzendorf & the Moravians in the 1700's. They experienced revival in 1727 which sparked a prayer meeting that lasted quite literally 100 years around the clock!


  • Episode 10 // Visions of the Nations

    Here we look at the subject of receiving visions in prayer, and how the LORD speaks to people to bring them unique callings through visions. We go back in time to the first missionary/evangelist to penetrate the spiritual darkness of the Vikings: also called the "Northmen" with the story of Saint...

  • Episode 11 // I Dreamed a Dream

    This Episode imparts faith in the area of dreams. Did you know God might just be speaking to you as you sleep at night? After hearing from a few modern leaders about how dreams can be either literal or symbolic, we go back in time to the unique story of Saint Patrick in Ireland.

    And we discover...

  • Episode 12 // Christ the Warrior King

    In this Episode, Carl travels back to ancient England and brings forth the unique symbolism of the world's oldest recorded poem.

    He also shares some very practical stories of how God used Symbolic Speech to birth a prayer movement, an entire missions movement, and even speak powerfully during C...

  • Episode 13 // Holy Coincidence, Batman!

    This Episode shares the inspiring story of 2 men who were led by what are known as "Divine Encounters": pioneer missionary/explorer to Africa, David Livingstone, and Dr. J. Edwin Orr with his "10,000 miles of miracles" in the United Kingdom.

    Our Heavenly Father goes ahead of us on our journey, ...

  • Episode 14 // God Goes to the Movies

    This Episode brings us the understanding that the LORD is constantly speaking through Media. Every time you see a movie or watch a TV Show, He might just be wanting to communicate with you through the Media.

    We go back to the intriguing beginnings of printing books with the story of the Gutenbe...

  • Season 2 Bonus // Christus Victor!

    This extended interview with Celtic Christian Historian David Cole teaches you how powerful and full of wonder the LORD Jesus Christ is: he truly defeated the Enemy at the Cross and is forever our CHRISTUS VICTOR!

  • Season 2 Bonus // The Currency of the Culture

    Filmmaker Tim Mahoney of the "Patterns of Evidence" documentary film Series shares with us how Media is truly the "currency of the culture" and God is using all forms of Media to bring His message of salvation to the ends of the earth in these Last Days.

  • Season 2 Bonus // 2 Crowns for 2 Queens

    Learn from 2 "Queens": Alexandra Boylan and Dion Johnson, who both received "Symbolic Speech" from a crown. They are truly God's Royalty!

  • Season 2 Bonus // Extended Scene: Christ the Warrior King

    This special Extended Scene reveals even more revelation of how awesome Jesus Christ is as our one-and-only "Warrior King" as he defeats spiritual darkness at the Cross!

  • Season 2 Bonus // Extended Scene: 10,000 Miles of Miracles

    The full story of Dr. J. Edwin Orr, one of the U.K.'s best known revival historians, and his mission of 10,000 miles of miracles on his bicycle in the U.K.! Inspiring!

  • Season 2 Bonus // I Have the Power!

    Brother Kevin Winters shares how the LORD spoke powerfully to him through the cartoon character of He-Man....yes, God speaks through all Media, even cartoon characters or Superheroes!!!!

  • Season 2 Bonus // Titanic

    Rev. Mairisine Stanfield, pastor of one of Ireland's largest Presbyterian churches, shares how the Spirit spoke symbolically to her through the Movie, Titanic!

  • Season 2 Bonus // The Lion King & the Dream King

    Carl shares a personal story of the LORD meeting him in a dream during his battle with cancer, and Lou Engle shares how the LORD spoke powerfully to him in a dream!

  • Season 2 Bonus // Envisioning With God

    Join Dr. Francis Oda in a very practical application of how you can personally receive visions in prayer every single week!

  • Season 2 Bonus // Music Video: St. Patrick's Devotion

    Julie Cameron-Hall and Nigel Cameron give us a beautiful original song from Episode 11 featuring the story of St. Patrick!

  • Season 2 Bonus // The King's Highway

    Carl goes on a journey in Ireland to a famous "Game of Thrones" filming location to tell us the stirring tale of St. Patrick and how he turned the "Dark Hedges" of Ireland into the "King's Highway" through his Ministry!

  • Season 2 Bonus // The Oracles of God

    Join some amazing leaders including Mike Bickle, Paul Manwaring, and Eric Delve as they share some stirring thoughts about Preachers, who are anointed as "Oracles of God!"

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