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Watch Episode 2 // It's ALIVE!

Watch Episode 2 // It's ALIVE!

Up Next in Love Speaks Documentary Film Series, Episodes 1-14

  • Episode 3 // Follow the Witness

    In this first of 3 films that highlight the Holy Spirit, Carl looks at the Inner Guidance of the Holy Spirit, and how the Spirit works in confirmation by giving us a "sense" within of a green light, yellow light, or red light in our daily decisions of following His ways.

    This Episode is an exc...

  • Episode 4 // The Still, Small Voice

    One of the most common ways that "LOVE SPEAKS" is through an inner "dialogue" in one's mind where by inspiration of the Holy Spirit, you can learn to recognize when God is answering you and carrying on a full conversation with us in following His plans.

    In this exciting Episode, Carl visits Wa...

  • Episode 5 // The River of God's Will

    How can you discover what the will of God is for your life? Most people believe you have to follow God's will like a straight line. But what if finding His will is more like....a river?

    This film explores some interesting answers to this question for believers in Jesus. Perhaps the answer is t...